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We've Only Got So Much Time!

We’ve Only Got So Much Time On This Earth

Life is not forever on this planet.

We each have a number and one day that number will be called.

What we do and what we focus on while we’re here really does matter.

When people die it reminds us of our own mortality.

We start to think about the here and now and yes, the after.

One of my core values, I’m discovering, is freedom.

I don’t need you or anyone else telling me how I should live, what I should think or what I “can” say.

The past two-plus years have awoken the lion in me.

Richard means Lion Hearted and I guess if there is one good thing that has come out of the cultural reaction to “you know what” it is the courage to speak the truth and face the cultural assassination of my character.

I have little tolerance for bullies and stupidity and after more than two years of this B.S. I’m done trying to play the game.

Someone asked me the other day “What happened to the Rick Dancer that I used to like?”

I wanted to write back and say “He got tired of protecting your feelings and being careful not to step on your toes.”

It’s obvious you don’t care if you step all over mine.

What I’m learning is if you don’t be true to who you are and what you believe, those who disagree will walk all over you and eventually take over.

Also, why should you suppress the things you care about and the truth as you see it, to get along?

No way.

Eventually those who oppose you stop caring about getting along and focus only on getting their way.

No one owns the conversation.

But for decades we’ve abdicated our responsibility under the guise of “getting along.”

The result, being trampled by a messed up ideology.

I admit I am surprised at the hatred with which some carry out this mission.

But hate is a nasty, nasty condition.

Hate blinds.

Hate impairs vision.

Hate causes the hater to dig their heels in deeply and chokes out any chance of rubbing elbows with something called common sense.

When you live in a dark blue state like Oregon you soften your words as you traverse the cultural tight rope because if you don’t that rope turns into a noose around your neck.

So we learn to give out only what they can tolerate and no more.

You can only do that for so long. We moved to a red state because number one we love Montana period.

The fact that is more red helps us regain some clarity and remove ourselves from what was becoming too oppressive to live with anymore.

But we also picked Montana because we love the attitude here.

You do you and I’ll do me is still a core value.

Sure, in some of the bigger towns the ideology of the hour is slipping in, but it hasn’t taken hold, yet.

Remember I said at the top we only have so much time this planet?

I want to spend that time, not fighting but working with others in truth, not some giant lie.

I want to encourage people to dream, live life, not off the backs of government or some sense of entitlement but out of a sense of responsibility for your fellow human and your community.

As a God fearing man I know changes are coming and they won’t all be good.

But maybe this is an opportunity to awaken the lion in each of us and stand up for the things we believe in and not back down?

Nothing gets past the desk of our creator without His okay.

So this all must be part of His plan.

I moved to Montana to love my neighbor not spend time trying to appease them or coddle their feelings.

I miss my friends in Oregon and the green (LOL) but I don’t miss the dark blue.

Each day something inside of me comes alive just a little more.

Something we had to control before is now free to express itself openly.

What is that feeling?

I remember feeling that way when I was younger.

Oh, it’s freedom, freedom to speak and think and say the things I believe without persecution.

I’ve only got so much time on this earth and I want to live it well, and in truth.

I hope and pray Oregon makes some changes this November.

I hope voters even the playing field and moderate the regressive and oppressive agenda of those currently in control so that all Oregonians have a say in how things “progress” not just those who claim to be progressive.

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