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We're All Just Americans

We’re All Just American’s!

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A year of so ago, I met up with some historians in Butte Montana to talk about their town.

But the interview turned into something much deeper and quite fitting for the times.

Butte likes to call itself, Butte, America.


From its beginnings Butte has been all about diversity.

Oh, they didn’t plan it or create the kind of “diversity” we like to “Make up” today.

Butte’s diversity just happened.

Immigrants from all over the world landed in Butte to work in the mines.

Groups of people who didn’t always get along, had to get along, because in a mineshaft you need each other in order to survive.

The interview we are airing tonight is with those two men from a town that is pretty old school Democrat. I said “Old School” not the new progressive brand of the left.

Like a lot of you I’m sick of what’s going on in our country. I’m tired of the games, the forced ideologies, the division…..the censorship….I”m damn sick of all of it

But I’m also sick of rolling over.

For years I let things slip, comments, assumptions by my left friends that I agreed with them when in fact I did not.

At the time it didn’t seem like a big deal but as more territory was lost, the more I couldn’t be silent to protect their feelings and our friendships.

So I started to speak out.

I’ve learned not to make assumptions.

What is obvious to some of us is hidden to others.

Blinded by hate and the need to be right, to win, to trample….I don’t know what it is probably a combination of all of it, they just won’t see it.

But that shouldn’t stop us.

I was talking to a relative who when asked why she supports the current administration had no answer, only that she hated trump.

I agree with the guys in Butte, we are all just Americans.

Problem is when some see America as a bad thing and are willing to trade it off for something that sounds better, to them.

We are a nation that pushes pro-choice and those choices are only offered if they line up with the conversation of the day.

That’s not pro-choice that’s controlled speech.

If we can’t stand behind our country, what can we stand behind together?

So I’ll keep pushing and prodding and I won’t be afraid to show my patriotism and love for this country.

You with me?

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