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We Need More Hunters

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It’s Easier To Be Fed Than To Feed

I hear many of you say “how can they believe that?”

What is true of the world is there are people who want to learn and grow and there are those who prefer to find just enough information to be comfortable and then just live.

I think God refers to it as the milk drinkers verses the meat eaters.

There is so much irony and hypocrisy in the world right now it’s hard to swallow either.

We’ve created a culture that thrives on easy and bases everything on how it makes them feel.

If facts get in the way, create your own facts.

But all roads lead to our feelings.

I’m a podcast nut.

I love to learn new stuff and find podcasts a great way to listen in on a conversation of people who think outside the MSNBC or CNN boxes.

People have always been somewhat fearful of new information. We like our world nicely tuned to a manageable level.

But the older we get the more we learn manageable is a joke.

Manageable usually means we have a manager and that’s where we get into trouble.

My newest topic of interest in the whole climate fad.

The more I learn the more ridiculous and hypocritical the movement is.

You can’t say carbon is the biggest problem we face and refuse to look at the more efficient form of energy, nuclear power.

You can’t tell me to sequester my carbon while you fly around the world on your private jet using more carbon than many of us will use in a lifetime.

You can’t claim to care about carbon and not allow the management of our forests because not managing is causing more carbon and the loss of forests to fire is destroying the very habitat you set aside for a bird.

The problem with humans is we like to be fed we don’t like to feed.

To feed oneself means you have to hunt for food.

The alternative is to let someone do it for you.

That is what we call a milk drinker and when we settle for a liquid diet supplied by someone else we never have to digest for ourselves….just open the mouth and let them cram their junk down your throat.

We need more meat eaters in our world.

More people who hunt for what feeds them not turns on the evening news allowing their minds to be fed whatever feels right.

The crazier it gets the more hope I have that people are waking up.

Dig around a little.

When something sounds odd that’s your natural instinct telling you to go hunting.

The truth is out there but it rarely feels good.

The road to the truth is rocky and littered with potholes.

When you discover it, yes that truth, you truly will be set free.

PS I highly recommend challenging yourself with a Jordan Peterson podcast. You can find him on Spotify. I know, some of you don’t like him….Oh well.

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Jul 16, 2023

Another thought on ‘climate fad.’ My friends in Georgia tell me the peach crop is devastated due to heat waves and they are worried about climate change. I’m visiting friends in New England. The lobstermen are worried about warming waters that are already changing the harvest. For these people, not a fad.


Jul 16, 2023

I’m not sure link climate activism with private jets makes any sense. Most climate activists are not billionaires and Elon and his jet are little concerned about climate change. As to nuclear power, the people in Fukushima and Chernobyl would argue that it is not so safe. And we are still looking for ways of safe and long term-1000’s of years-storage. Will you volunteer Montana as a location?


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Jul 15, 2023

"Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it."

I read this and can only think of you cray cray Republicans STILL backing the vile, despicable, conman grifter called tRump.

A huge mistake...


PARAGRAPH #7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️


Hi Rick.

I have said for years the climate change global warming fanatics are not only lying but also hypocritical. Since the 60's the world has been coming to an end every 10 to 12 years it started with "a new ice age is coming" to where we are today. Yes, things are changing but not to the extent and disastrous degree they claim. There are almost as many scientists who claim the opposite, but I dare you to find them as the internet has them pushed so far down you give up, as it does with many things that go against the socialist/communist ideology. People have become sheep and there are fewer wolves, or perhaps sheep dogs to pro…

Jul 16, 2023
Replying to

My father, a staunch conservative, told me we be be fully socialist by 2020. He opposed Social Security, Medicare and was suspicious of A safety net in society. He said the churches should do it. (When I pointed out the churches did not as they spent their money on bigger, fancier buildings, he said-their money!)

Well, in 2020 we are not socialist. Capitalism is alive. So please let me know-do you want to eliminate Social Security or Medicare? Would this take us to the place you want to be?

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