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We Need Each Other

We Need Each Other

One of the many things I learned from the “Dark Time” is how much people need each other.

When the lockdowns were handed down from on high, people separated.

We covered part of our faces and one thing I noticed is we didn’t feel the need to commune.

It was as if we had an excuse to not be as nice because we couldn’t see each others faces.

I remember at the gym one day, the mask mandate was lifted and people started talking again.

It was as if we could no longer hide and even when we didn’t want to say hi to someone, we were again uncovered and had to.

Living in Montana, in a small town, is so different.

Everyone knows everyones business.

I’m told the mask wearing didn’t last long here.

People in rural America still understand they need each other.

When life is more difficult and the extreme’s of Montana can’t be managed, taking care of each other is just part of living here.

I recently met a man who goes by the name “Dancer.”

Of course I was intrigued since my sir name is the same as his nickname.

Dancer is a rough and tumble old fashioned cowboy who shoots and speaks from the hip.

In an interview that airs this Thursday on our Get Real with Rick Dancer podcast, he tells it like it is, well at least as he see’s it.

People keep telling me they want more of this type of content on our shows.

So tune and step back in time.

Perhaps when we step back we actually leap forward in some sense of the word.

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