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We Need A "REAL" Vision

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Strong In Who We Are

Who are you?

I mean, who are you really?

Do you ask yourself that question?

And if and when you do, what’s the answer?

Many people today struggle to figure out their purpose.

They want to feel good about themselves.

The problem is many just want the feeling they don’t actually want to do any work to arrive at an answer.

We settle for cultural visions rather than societal.

In order to make a true difference in the world you’ve got to do more than “feel” something or agree with the latest cause.

You have to stand for something foundational.

Most are satisfied with the movement of the day but it won’t last.

Movements change and as fickle as our culture seems to be most people get lost in the next thing.

The past two years I’ve been hired to do stories on some foundational members of our community who are no longer with us.

A couple of things stand out in their lives.

Most came from nothing and died very wealthy.

In those interviews a common theme lifted from the conversation…..Hard Work.

These men and women understood who they were and were strong it that belief.

They bucked systems and moved mountains.

They had a vision.

And yet their lives are sometimes discounted by the younger folks because what they tend to look at is the end result and assume it’s bad, never considering how those people got to the place they did……hard work.

I think that’s what’s lacking in our world today.

Hard work gives us a sense of who we are and what we are made of.

It gives us direction.

But you can’t get to the end until you do the hard work it takes to even enter the journey.

It seems we have a generation of folks who believe they should have the spoils without ever going on the journey.

We have a government that encourages laziness (my opinion) with handouts.

And we wonder why so many people feel unfilled, disconnected or valued.

Americans need a vision.

We don’t need another mission.

OMG, we have so many causes and perceived problems….it’s enough to make ones head spin.

Culture is infatuated with “issues”.

I think it’s one big distraction.

“Issues” are a substitute for a real vision.

If we get focused on the fringe “stuff” we have no time to critically think about the real problems facing us and no time to find a real vision so we settle for something that feels like a vision but really just a highway to division.

We need a common goal.

Not something that makes us feel good, necessarily, but something that is good, attainable and has the power to get enough buy in from the greatest number of people.

And my friends it has to be real.

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