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We Don't Have To All Believe The Same Thing.

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We Don’t Have to Agree or Believe the same thing

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What is it about our culture today that seems to believe we must all agree on everything.

It seems if I don’t believe the cultural take on something I’m automatically wrong and publicly flogged into submission.

What if, I’m just imagine for a minute that I am right and you are wrong?

I know it could never be and that’s the problem.

Example: I’m a guy who believes in a creator and a guy named Jesus.

I talk about it, write about it and believe it with all my heart but NEVER do I push it on other people.

I’m not one of those followers who believe it’s my calling to bring everyone to the same belief system, if God calls you He calls you, not my job.

So why is it that when I research topics of the day and question them, I fail to receive the same respect?

I was talking about pronouns and this obsession in some fragments of culture to push them on us.

I think it’s wrong.

People can be what they want and identify as they wish but that doesn’t mean I must believe the same thing.

Not believing the same thing does not mean I think they should be silenced either.

I have my reasons and more importantly my research to back my beliefs.

But that doesn’t mean I look down on anyone or think they should think like me, it simply means we disagree.

So why then do I get these nasty comments from a few calling me a homophobe or a transphobe? I am neither. I said nothing about either but questioned the need for grammatically incorrect pronouns such as “They” for a singular and the need for Oregon to put tampon machines in a boys bathroom.

I think both are fair questions.

But that doesn’t matter because “the few” don’t want questions they want submission to the message.

Words like racist, homophobe, transphobe, conspiracy theorist and right wing seem to be the “go-to” terms for anything that goes against “conventional wisdom.” Oh and don’t forget MAGA. That’s another term that seems to be a hot one these days.

We all see the issue of climate change in different ways. It doesn’t mean either of us care more or less for the environment, it simply means we define the problem differently and see solutions in a variety of ways.

This doesn’t mean you or me are 100% correct.

But when people like myself talk about what we think you call us “climate deniers” and stop listening to what we have to say.

Name calling, to me is simply exposed ignorance. When someone has nothing intelligent to add to a conversation or wishes to silence those who see things in a different light, they resort to tactics of bullying because frankly they got nothing else to go on.

I interviewed an expert in emergency response recently and he said they teach their folks how to use the front of their brain rather than the back when in an emergency situation. When fear starts to grab hold purposeful calm is the only place to be in order to make life and death decisions.

I wonder that we as people don’t need to learn the same thing.

Rather than feel threatened when someone disagrees with us or questions our position or logic, what if we look at it as an opportunity to learn, listen and challenge one another.

As more information comes out exposing the folly of many cultural positions is pushing the monitors into a corner. Censorship silenced good questions that should have been asked but were not. Oh we tried by you shut us down and now the consequences of those choices are proving disastrous.

It’s okay to be liberal and it’s okay to be conservative.

It’s also okay to be somewhere in the middle.

Where one sits on the political spectrum or how they feel about issues of the day does not discount them or their ideas.

It’s time to open the conversation with an understanding we won’t’ and don’t have to agree but we also can’t try to force people into a belief system just because we think we are right.

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I could not agree more with this. Both sides tend to get a "upset" when someone has the "nerve" to disagree with their "facts". (By the way, I don't like "" but sometimes that is the only way to get the point across) I just pray, YES PRAY, that it won't take a horrific occurrence to bring people together no matter what they believe.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Mar 07, 2023

Finally a post that I agree with, Rick...

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