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Two Tiny Montana Towns

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Two Cool Montana Tiny Towns

Kathy and I used to do a travel show for Toyota called ExplOregon. We love finding the out of the way spots and love to show them to all of you.

If you are one of those folks who thinks us showing places is going to make people want to move here may want to bow out at this point.

So today we took our show on the road.

Okay, it’s not really a show but who knows, maybe someday we’ll do this full-time.

First town is a place called Willow Creek. It’s just a few miles from Three Forks Montana.

The 2020 census says 216 people call Willow Creek home.

They have a school, post office, a bunch of houses and a main street but only a couple buildings.

We read online about Woolzie’s Willow Creek Cafe.

It’s the only place in town.

In rural Montana you always call ahead to make sure the hours listed are the actual hours.

Also, some places shutdown even when they are scheduled to be open so check first.

Woolzie’s was open.

We quickly made friends with our waitress.

They have a good menu and huge breakfast menu on the weekends.

We opted for the hamburgers and a side salad.

The burgers are huge. The patties handmade and giant sized, especially compared to what you find in big cities.

You know, the tiny, organic, snotty, patty buried in an even tinier bun. LOL

This is not that.

They have a restaurant side and the bar.

Full bar with local beers also on tap.

We loved it.


Then we rode down the road a half hour or so to the little town of Pony.

138 people call this place home.

Lots of historic homes but this ain’t no fancy town although you can see people are buying stuff up because there are some pretty amazing homes coming in.

Pony is getting discovered.

People have told us we had to go there and we now know why.

This is like Jacksonville Oregon before it got discovered but much, much smaller.

There’s a little bar that was packed and we hear the food is great.

Someone told us, like most places in Montana, the place is being discovered and prices for homes is out of this world.

Some of the old brick buildings are being renovated.

But man, I’d love to live in a little up-and-coming place like that.

Pony could be a real big deal in the future.

Reminds me of Jeromy Arizona.

If someone brought in a brewery, another restaurant, a little market and some cool places to stay you’d have a gold mine.

We drove up river about 10 miles to the Potosi Camp Ground.

My friends, this is a must visit area.

It’s absolutely beautiful.

Huge mountains, a creek running through the place and a short mile hike to the Potosi Hot Springs.

Now, in all honesty, it’s in a cool spot but the hot springs is warm, muddy water.

We didn’t get in.

Dipped our feet in but the thought of my other body parts being in that water didn’t appeal to me.

Kathy thought it was gross.

But….but, it’s worth the drive just to see the scenery and Pony.

If you know of a little town we should visit, please share.

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