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Two Male Dancers, One Small Town In Montana

Two Male Dancer’s, One Small Town

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When you read the lead “Two Male Dancer’s” you have to admit it raises an eyebrow doesn’t it?

Imagine my surprise when I moved to Townsend Montana, population: 2200 and some change, to hear there was another male Dancer walking the streets of this place.

I’m all about sharing and I realize my standing in a place unfamiliar to me so I didn’t get overly excited but I did want to meet this guy.

When I lived in Springfield, Oregon I heard about other Dancers.

I even met one of them who said he looked just like me.

I didn’t see the resemblance but it was fun meeting someone with the same last name.

There’s also a Dancer Clan down in Camas Valley by Roseburg.

Not sure if I’m related but when I heard about “Dancer Logging Company” I had to call and ask for a sweatshirt with their logo on it.

They sent me one and I love it.

So I did an interview with a Townsend Sage/Veteran yesterday.

When I called to set it up he told me about this mysterious other Male Dancer.

After the interview Roland told me “Dancer” hangs out at the bar called “The Fish Tale” every weekday from 2:30 to 3:30.

So at 3pm I go walking into the bar and there at the end of the counter sat “Dancer.”

I won’t tell you the rest of the story because it’s in the interview attached to this writing.

But remember I’d never met him nor heard anything about his past.

Our pasts are quite similar.

Oh, and notice in the video we are wearing the same old school 1970’s era sherpa lined original jean jackets. Mine Levi’s and his Wrangler.

I Townsend is just going to have to prepare itself for two crazy male Dancers.

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3 則留言

What a great interview! I only wish it lasted longer...both of you are naturals at this game, Rick! I'd bet you spent a good deal more than 3:28 with him! Great post1 Super, even! 🐂

按讚 went north after leaving Oregon...I went south. I love me some southwest desert...grin...


Cool dude with a great story!

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