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Two Long Years Are We Already In A Recession?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Two Long Years I Wonder What’s Ahead

When you are trained to question everything and curiosity won’t allow you to bend or go with the flow you often times end up at odds with culture. That describes the last two years of my life.

But now, I’m starting to see the upside in the over-reaction.

Some would call it the reason.

I would call it the exposure of lies and manipulation.

Truth has a way of working its way to the surface by exposing the lies.

But truth takes a long time to catch on, lies are easy they make you comfortable.

The truth makes you squirm.

There’s a lot of squirming going on right now.

Oil prices, the cost of goods, inflation, interest rates soaring and the threat of recession rests on the lips of those economist who understand.

Two years of lockdowns gave parents a chance to see what’s being taught in the schools. It also raised questions about why Oregon is 47th in terms of education in the nation when in 1991 we were in the top ten.

Freedom to speak means more to some of us than it did two years ago because we’ve experienced censorship and the push to silence those who asked question that fail to line up with the narrative of the day/week/hour.

Maybe for truth to worm its way to the surface people have to be near the end of their rope.

Maybe we have to experience the loss in order to produce the drive it takes to meet culture head on and not back down.

The past two years have driven many of us to the point we don’t care if you agree, we don’t care if you try to discredit us, things don’t add up and we’re no longer going to stand down but instead push back.

But the truth is when our pocketbooks get pinched, the general public reacts and right now they are damn mad.

Damn mad might be just what’s needed to put the brakes on an ideology running us into the ground.

This is not about parties, its’ not about hate, it’s not about anti this or that.

Stop twisting our words to fit your narrative because its not working anymore.

People are done.

They don’t like what the current administration is doing(look at polls…dreadful for Biden), they don’t back the far left or far right ideologies and instead we want someone who listens and we want change now.

Don’t try to discredit us with labels, no one’s buying the BS anymore.

Desperation makes you meaner but we’re not gonna back down.

Push too hard and you get a reaction.

Culture “woke” up.

We the People are awakened.

What is meant for evil might be turning around to create some good.

Hold on.

If you'd like to see more of the video we have posted with this blog it will be posted on this page and will be the topic of our show which airs on social media and podcasts starting Monday.

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