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Truth & Consequences What America Needs

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Truth & Consequences: What America Needs

A group of kids vandalized campaign signs for a few of the candidates running for the 4j school board in Eugene, Oregon.

Someone wrote a comment on the post the candidates should basically take what he see’s as the “high road” and not try to find them.

It struck me: That’s what’s wrong in America today.

There is a lack of truth and no consequences for bad behavior.

When you see presidents, senators, congressional types and leaders lie and get away with it, why would a child think it’s wrong for them to do the same thing?

I would go as far as to say when they lie they are rewarded for doing so and people who seek the truth are silenced.

So why would anyone try to do what’s right?

We have prosecutors who won’t prosecute.

We have a government that tells us to wear a mask but when rioters destroy cities like Portland and get a pass for not wearing a mask and for burning and destroying public and private property, where’s the consequences.

Most of them didn’t go to jail and yet January 6th, which was also horrible, those same leaders went after the culprits with guns blazing.

Shootings and murders are up.

The media wonders why.

Why not, no one does anything about it.

Instead of consequences for the shooters we blame guns.

Our climate activists scream the end of the world and yet ban some of the most efficient energy sources available on the planet.

If the situation is that dire wouldn’t you be open to using things like natural gas, not banning it and put more effort into nuclear power rather than ban it as well.

And who calls them out?

If there truly were consequences for bad behavior, lying and misleading people, maybe they’d stop doing it.

If you throw murders in jail and leave them there instead of like Oregon’s past governor did, reduce their sentences, perhaps others would see there are consequences for bad actions…and stop killing people?

But until that happens they will spin the story to match their narrative and the problems will increase.

Maybe it’s time we stop listening to the madness and instead search for the truth….and when we find it develop and stick to some consequences for those testing the system.

Just a thought.

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