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Time To Ride This Bull

Stop The “Bull” Put “The People” Back In Charge

I don’t work for Betsy Johnson’s Gubernatorial Campaign in Oregon but damn I like that woman and hope Oregonians see through the political lies and give her a chance to lead you so you can change Oregon.

I’m sitting at the rodeo in Livingston Montana, listening to the announcer talk about this country in ways I rarely hear from the “ruling party” or those darned “cultural followers.”

A friend wrote on social media the other day how words like patriot, freedom lover, even progressive, have been tainted by party jargon and redefined by public relations hacks not true word smiths. They don’t get to tell you what you are, you define the words and you define who you are not them.

So let’s take back those words and look at all that’s good about this country.

The idea that a Betsy Johnson is leaving her former party to run independent of any party in Oregon says a lot.

People are ready to remember why they live in Oregon and tired of the whining, complaining and complacency that got you to this place.

When Johnson recently called Portland the city of Roaches instead of city of roses, the media monitors went after her but it didn’t work. The general public agreed with her. The truth hurts her opponents backed off. But the “Bull” will be back.

Back at the rodeo the announcer talks of our history, not perfect, but people were brave and would fight to be free. Some question that notion but the people in this audience and many of you are so tired of the “Bull” we are ready to hop up on that animal and take our turn fighting for what made and still can make this country great again.

Yes, I said it.

Trump doesn’t own that language either.

I’m not a follower, I’m not a trumper, I’m Rick Dancer and I say what I want.

Johnsons campaign slogan is “Put the people back in Charge”

That ain’t gonna happen until we take back the language and stop listening to the “Bull” and instead ride it.

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