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Tides Turn, Tsunami Warning False

Sponsored by CrisDental The Tide Turns, The Tsunami Warning is a False Alarm

A tide is turning in this country and to that I say it’s about time.

I’ve had a front row seat to the madness over the last several decades as a television news anchor in Oregon.

We got lazy.

We wanted to feel good rather than do right.

Doing good takes thought, takes time and involvement.

Feeling good means you don’t have to do anything but feel.


Society became complacent.

Politicians and political parties took advantage of that complacency.

What was wrong became right and right became wrong.

We scratched our heads but slowly became numb to dumb because ridiculous had not been realized…..yet.

I think the reaction our culture had to COVID was the breaking point.

It was our ticket to the land of tyranny and the lack of a good foundation brought out all of America’s weaknesses…..and here we sit.

Many of us who were cautious with our opinions decades ago, no longer care to be silent.

We discovered it doesn’t matter how careful you are, when you step on the cultural tender footed, they bring out the knives and fight to the death.

The sound of silence is dangerous and gives voice to untruths, half-truths (which is just a nice word for lies) and ushers in disaster.

We learned during COVID how nasty the ruling class could be and in their canceling of our voices, we discovered cancelation doesn’t really matter.

That’s where they blew it. Power to control devoured them and we watched, learned and stop caring about what they said or thought.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think the reaction to COVID was perhaps the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time.

God has a way of using man’s stupidity to open the eyes of His people and blind those who refuse to see.

I think that’s what’s playing out right now.

I watch as people like Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and many, many others call out the so-called conventional wisdom.

They have the power to turn the tide and they are doing so with facts, truth, hard questions and calling out the lies.

It’s been tough year for the so-called progressive movement in America.

They will blame the Supreme Court, or Right Wing Radicals and always Donald Trump.

But what they refuse to look at is their part in the untwisting of America.

What they fail to look at or even try to understand is how long some of us have been living with their (to us) crazy ideas and while they believe the world is coming to an end, some of us believe the ship is finally starting to right itself.

For too long those of us who lean middle, a little left of middle or a touch to the right of center, have made excuses or toned down what we believe to try and get along.

No more, getting along often translates into apathy and our country won’t survive with apathetic people.

Compromise is not a bad thing but when one side gives and gives, at some point the far left has to bend as well.

Well she sure is bending now isn’t she?

The tide is turning but there’s no Tsunami coming.

Projections of doom-and-gloom translate into techniques of control and too many of us now recognize them as such.

You pushed too hard and it backfired.

Yes, people are watching as progressivism fails us and those same people are looking for something of a foundation to build on….Something we used to call the truth.

When sides lose, twisting language is the first shot fired back.

So be careful what you listen to and ask yourself what’s really going on here.

Go back and remember all they told us about the pandemic and do a little homework to find the still unanswered questions.

And yes, inconsistencies matter.

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July remember what this country is all about…freedom.

Yes, free to live as we choose not as some regressive ideology tries to demand.

Freedom is messy and requires morality and truth.

The tide is turning but you can ignore the tsunami warnings, instead focus on the truth.

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