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The Woes Of Facebook, More Trouble

This week On Get Real With Rick Dancer

Sponsor: CrisDental Family Dentistry & Denture Center

This week on Get Real With Rick Dancer.

Monday: Kathy and I went to the “Race To The Sky” sled dog races this weekend. We’ll bring you an interview with a “Star” of sorts in the industry who lives in Seeley Lake Montana. She’s in the race and tells you all about it.

Tuesday; I know it’s Valentines Day but we’ve got some important “stuff” to talk about in terms of your health. Dr Tim and Dr May Hindmarsh from the podcast BS FREE MD let me join them for a joint podcast on a topic of great importance. It’s how transplanted poo, I know, can tell a lot about you…and your health. This is fascinating and I know you’re gonna get a lot of S-it out of it.

Wednesday: A week or so ago we told you about the move in this country where people are giving up citizenship to this country and becoming nationals. Apparently there are some downfalls we’ll talk with some folks about that and a move they call State General Rural Assembly.

Thursday: Rob from Bait and Tackle will join us to talk about things of a controversial nature and Bill Lundun has your news that you can not only use but will tell you the things the legacy media fails to find.

Reminder: We’re having a little trouble with FB so shows will be live on Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and here on our website

We will also post shows to FB the next day, instagram, Rumble and as an audio podcast on all your favorite podcast platforms. Just look for “Get Real With Rick Dancer.”

And thanks to all our sponsors:

CrisDental Family Dentistry & Denture Center

BS Free MD Podcast

Alvord Taylor: Endless Possibilities

Douglas Timber Operators

New Leaf Hyperbaric’s & Wellness Center

JDEV Investments

Montana Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Centers

Fairway Independent Mortgage/Helena MT

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Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Feb 20, 2023

It's amazing isn't it?

Hope you are well my friend.

Thanks for your continued support


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Feb 13, 2023

Tuesday’s show is really important. My father had a fecal transplant (from me) due to severe C-Diff that was killing him. Worked for 2 years before he passed from something different.

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