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The Whole World Doesn't Revolve Around Donald Trump

Have you noticed people who hate Donald Trump seem to think the world revolves around him.

I don't get it.

I write a lot.

And many times, those who disagree with me, can't seem to find the words to combat my ideas and it always comes down to some comment about Donald Trump.

Usually it's really intelligent like "you must love Trump" "You probably voted for Trump." "You're a Trumper."

The same is true of anything when you disagree with fact-less arguments.

But for a group of people, who hate someone so much, why do they give him all the credit and attention?

They almost make him more important than those who support him.

Can you fear something or someone so much that you actually worship them?

I've never found a politician worth my attention.

Oh, I've had some favorites like Robert Kennedy and I like his son too.

Senator Mark Hatfield from Oregon is a huge influence on my life but worship him? Nah, he's a just a good man.

I wish the Trump haters could come up with new arguments and stop giving Trump so much credit.

If they aren't careful they may hate him right into the White House.

Can we find some new talking points that have nothing to do with "The Donald", please?

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Aug 20, 2023

The Left and the MSM (like they aren't one in the same), remind me of people I've met who can't stop talking about their ex. They say they are 'over it' and 'have moved on' but inevitably they have to find a way to mention the ex's name in every conversation.


Aug 18, 2023

Donald Trump is a mean spirited man. Not the man Rick nor I would want our sons to be. He committed acts of infidelity and unChristian behavior Before becoming President. He was a buddy of Jeff E. With pictures as evidence. I do not understand why some Christians defend him. He is charged with many law violations. we pay attention to him because he wants to be president again. Rick, let’s have a conversation about whether he is the kind of man you want your sons to emulate.

Replying to

Grew up in Sandy, The Dalles and finally Central Point....the son of a Vocational Education/Ag/FFA instructor. My Mom was a homemaker and a CNA. I have also lived in Corvallis, Junction City, Baker City, Bend, Elgin and Enterprise. So, yeah, I am an Oregonian. I do vaguely remember Mr. Lundquist, nothing specific though. I got to work with Mark Simmons when he was speaker and also Senator David Nelson on some rural issues. Anyway, I do appreciate our discussions as well as Ricks perspectives on the issues of the day. - M


I believe tbe left uses Trump as deflection to get focus on something other than what they are doing. Magicians call it misdirection. They fear him because he exposes them and the RINO's forho they really are. The haters hate because they are told to not because the truly know why. There is no reasoning because there is no logic

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