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The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream

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I’m not a huge fan of boycotts, well, I wasn’t until lately.

When I worked in television news boycotts seemed to be to be attempts to garner attention for a cause.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing it just wasn’t my thing.

If I’m gonna boycott something I’ll do it quietly without fanfare.

And then came COVID.

And then came BLM protests.

And on and on and on.

Here’s my view on what’s happening and feel free to disagree.

Culture stopped listening to other people.

You know, people who see life less regressive and find their political leanings closer to the middle not hanging so far left they’ve fallen into a dark hole.

Censorship is now the way one side gains control, keeps it and gets its way.

“The Others” are forced into silence with censorship and bullying.

The regressive types no longer appreciate those who bring other ideas to the table instead they crush not just the ideas but the people behind them.

So picture this large group of people in every big and little burg in this country.

I would say “small town” but it’s not just small towns but small town folks do smell BS a bit faster than those stuck in traffic.

For too long they’ve been forced to go along to get along.

They stand there with cultural gags in their mouths but their hands aren’t tied.

They can reach up and pull the gag out of their mouth but the risk is to be slaughtered by the regressive types who think their way is the highway, the only way, the right way. They actually believe they are doing us a favor because we are so stupid.

As companies begin to “woke” up, the gagged wake up.

A realization reminds us of the power of the purse.

People are all tough and mighty until the pocketbook is squeezed.

So, as companies and organizations begin pushing agenda’s not products the “gagged” discover a new voice.

A voice that cuts to the core and exposes the hypocrisy infecting these giant corporations.

You may not listen to our cries or frustrations on social media or the town square but when I go shopping and see your product on the shelves my voice is heard when I pass by Bud Light and choose a brand that leaves its politics at home.

When I’m looking for a drug store I can Target where I shop and where I don’t and yes, that is my voice and it’s being heard in the corporate board room as profits sink.

When a group attacks a country singer and a song that speaks a truth I understand even if culture doesn’t. When the CMT loses it’s sack and folds to the cries of the weak, my voice is my ability to turn them off and hit the like button on Jason Aldeans’ song over and over again.

You see, boycotts aren’t the best way to deal with differences.

But when you fail to listen and keep pushing your agenda, you must remind yourself arrogance got us here.

The gag fell out of our mouths.

We found the one power source corporate America will listen to.


And we aren’t afraid to use it.

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4 opmerkingen

Regarding the song by Jason Aldean, I listened to the song and read the lyrics and I like them. I don't get what the hubbub is all about, unless some don't like small town values and the fact that we DO protect and care for our own in a small town. Regarding patronage of businesses that are making political statements; if you don't agree with them, don't patronize them. I have been doing that for years. Personally, I don't think any corporation should be into politics. That's the shareholders and investors personal and private responsibility. Corporations should focus on product, consumer service and making their investors' money. - M

22 jul. 2023
Reageren op

Agreed about corporations keeping their money and opinions out of politics, and they should I think, not be allowed to contribute to political campaigns at all. SCOTUS decided differently.

my experience of living in small towns is mixed. Sometimes protective of neighbors, sometimes not.


21 jul. 2023

I agree-too much talking and not enough listening to understand. yet, companies have never left their politics at home. Home Depot and Koch Industries loudly support causes on the side they like. Are you critical of them , just companies you disagree with?

I agree companies want our money-for their shareholders and the bonuses of top officials. They have used their’voice’ for decades through campaign contributions or lobbyists. Should we call them out for that?

and should we care at all? Does a person who is trans, LGBTQ, or cross dressing “pick your pocket or break your leg?”


It is about time the apathy ceases. Apathy got us to this point. Sadly, people only react when pushed to the brink. Unfortunately by then it is almost if not too late as those doing the pushing have llaced themselves in positions of power and control. Those who want to tell people how to run their businesses have to remember your rights stop at the door. Dont like the food...dont come in. Dont like the atmosphere....dont come in....dont like the prices...dont come in....enough people exercise their right not to come in then it is the owners right to decide what or if to do something. Same goes for not like it dont listen or by...chabge the station.…

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