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The Rising of Alternative Voices

Silence Is Worse Than Discomfort

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I listen to a lot of podcasts.

A year ago you didn’t hear many people in the pubic eye speaking about the cultural silencers.

Now, it’s the topic of great debate.

We’ve seen so many failed decisions and heard no apology.

From the mishandling of COVID to issues of language and ideologies being forced on us….We didn’t ask enough questions.

Rather than standing up we folded and now look where are we?

It shows up in the polling but those who argue online don’t listen to polls, unless they agree with them.

You can hear it in the alternate media sources and on popular, middle of the road, podcasts.

Problem is the keyboard warriors only seem to watch the evening news or gaggle with the girls on the view.

It doesn’t really  matter.

Pendulums swing and the one representing culture is headed back to the middle…..thank God.

Fact is, most of us welcome conversation.

What we refuse to listen to or answer is indoctrination and bullying.

The world is in an upset but I guess it takes things like this to wake us up and woke us down.

I look forward to the day when we can unite over something.

But that won’t happen until people start talking and listening and stop the childish name calling.

Come on….we can do better than this.

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