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The Push For Simplicity

The Push For Simplicity

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I think we are all just craving honestly, authenticity and simplicity…..and this guy takes us there.

I’ve done this “public figure thing” for most of my life. I started in television at 25 and have been public property ever since.

It has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages.

You get to use your voice but people also use your voice against you.

Speaking my mind is just part of who I am.

But the older I get and the more people try to shut me up, the bolder I find myself.

I was listening to a podcaster the other day say “who cares about your legacy in three generations no one is going to remember you anyway.”

I love that.

My dad saw his legacy as a beach home he have on the Oregon coast.

He wanted that home always left in his name.

The house is built on sand, in a flood plain, on the ocean front.

His decision made waves that have since calmed.

But it’s ironic….

That’s a legacy that can be stomped out with one giant wave.

In the world we live in, greatness is a fickle as the next protest or woke movement that tickles the ears of the cultural elites.

So, what’s the point of names on buildings or statues in ones memory, a new ignorant generation can take that away with one mean historically inaccurate tweet.

I am convinced and have been for the past decade, that what people want, what you and I want is authenticity.

I watched the debates and saw politicians building their castles, boosting their images and…..damn-it bragging about what they’ve done.

I thought: I know this turns people off. I makes me sick.

When I left my television career I was looking for simplicity.

I don’t know how I thought I could find that running for public office but we all have moments of ridiculousness and that was one of mine.

Oliver Anthony, the young singer who is taking the world by storm with his simple, down-home, almost hillbilly songs, has struck a nerve.

I saw a clip on Joe Rogan where Rogan was talking about this simple man, who according to the story, was pretty messed up until a month ago when he apparently gave his life to Christ.

A month later, a simple man with a simple song, silences a world devoured by dishonestly, liars and cheaters.

Rogan also talked of how the elite and Christians are making fun of Oliver and ripping him apart.

People do that when they’re jealous.

Evil does that when it is trying to stop good.

The insecure do that out of ignorance.

The guilty do it because he’s calling them out.

As the silent push, towards more covid mandates simmers under hush tones and whispers in the back hallways of the current administration and its allies, a huge group of us is on watch.

In biblical times folks like us sat perched on the watchtower looking for signs of the enemy.

We have no reason to fear but keep our eyes on the horizon to see what’s coming and warn accordingly.

Oliver Anthony’s songs are like a battle cry for many of us.

We know there’s something better.

We love his simple message of truth.

We know what manipulation can do.

And we know how to stop it.

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