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The People I Meet

The People I Meet (Something New)

Let’s talk.

I mean really talk.

Not a conversation where you try to convince me of how right you are and how wrong my opinions are.

No, I’m talking about a conversation built on trust.

Trust is born out of relationship.

Relationships set few boundaries and set out to break down not build up walls.

Conversations are not quick quips or comments on a social media thread.

They last hours and reveal not just what the converser wants the listener to hear but allows the other person to penetrate ones soul.

The world does not appreciate true conversation.

Culture seeks to use language as a tool of manipulation.

But people see through it, finally.

I asked different acquaintances what it is they are looking for in life and hands down the answer was HONEST, TRUTHFUL, OPEN, conversation.

People have a desire and I think a need to connect on a spiritual level.

But that depth means trust.

Tonight on our podcast we’re starting a new segment called “The People I meet.”

My first guest is a guy named Matt Slavik. I met him a year or so ago from a comment he made on one of my posts. We hit it off and now talk about some pretty deep dive stuff…..and we’ve never met in person.

Matt’s story is one of restoration.

It involves a car accident where people died, and he was the driver.

But how God worked everything out for His good, is thought provoking, inspiring and opens you up to looking at your story in a whole new way.

The show airs at 5pm Pacific Time on our website, Youtube and the usual social media channels. You can also find it on Spotify under Get Real With Rick Dancer.

We hope you enjoy this new segment.

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1 Comment

I can relate to your healing journey. Our current society, and church family hurt us a lot. My wife and I are still on that journey together with the Lord as our guide. It is good to have folks you respect and can jaw with as you heal. - M

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