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The Man On The Stage

Spinning The Truth

There he stands on stage spinning the story he chooses to tell with words that tickle the feeble ears of the weak and echo as hope to the lost.

He’s a professional politician and now serves as president. His popularity ratings are in the toilet, the economy about to collapse and rather than lead he lies.

To anyone with an ounce of discernment the reaction in the room is one of fear. His supporters fear a foible or fact checkers nightmare, his opposition afraid his untruths will be spun by the media and taken by his followers as the gospel.

When will America wake up?

There he is no mention of a war in Ukraine or the China balloon that recently passed over our country. No, those things won’t sell and if you don’t mention them it’s like they never happened.

The man on the stage might as well be wearing no clothes. But his followers clap anyway thinking don’t tell him and no one will notice.

At a couple of points his opposition boo’s at his lies and the spin doctor tries to back himself out of a corner.

But today, the medias praise him and no mention of the obvious.

Because remember if you don’t talk about it it didn’t happen.

But it did happen and keeps happening.

The man on the stage hits all the talking points that bring votes.

He cuddles up to the “feelers” and his message is lapped up like warm milk by unweaned kittens.

The reality in the room is at the end.

The new governor of Arkansas sums it up perfectly.

She filets the fish tale giving by the man at the podium.

But the media makes little mention of her point of view which is also at least half the countries concern.

No, they praise him happy words and act as though the rest of us are dead.

But we are not dead.

We grow tired of the bullshit.

I would like to end this bit of writing with a happy note that says everyone wakes up and it gets better.

But the deep sleep is too deep.

And those who slumber like fairy tales more than solutions.

God is not dead.

He was there last night too.

Probably weeping for our nation as He allows us to dig a little deeper into our manmade hole.

I believe there will be an upswing but unfortunately we have not yet hit rock bottom.

My best advice is do not be silent and even when culture tries to snuff out your words, keep speaking the truth because that is the only thing that will set us free.

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