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The Fear Of Asking Questions

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America: The Fear of Asking Questions.

We have created a country of Rogophobia: The fear of asking questions.

I googled “Why are people afraid to ask questions?” and here’s what I got.

The reasons range from fear of appearing ignorant, unprofessional, boring or, in the worst case, the person you are questioning isn't interested in knowing the answer.

I think another reason people fear asking questions is……the answers.

What happens if you discover your lack of questioning actually helped caused the current and future disasters we are about to experience?

If you are a follower of legacy media, you know, ABC, MSNBC, yes, even OPB, you are probably someone who needs to ask more questions.

One question might be why are these groups choosing to cover some stories but not others?

I worked in the industry for 25 plus years.

We NEVER used to do what they do right now.

Oh, sure our newsroom was highly favored to the left but still they tried to appear fair.

But today, there isn’t even an attempt.

There is a popular school of thought and hatred says it’s okay.

It’s not okay.

Even if you don’t believe what you think is “right propaganda” would you at least be curious to know what they are talking about? Sure you would….unless you are afraid to find out.

I wonder that deep down inside many of you don’t suspect that something foul is underway.

The problem is you are so tangled up in your ideology you can’t even sway from the narrative or that still small voice starts pointing in your direction but you muzzle it.

What would you do if you learned you were wrong?

What happens when you discover you fell for three plus years worth of lies and the fools you painted the rest of us as being, is actually you?

At least be honest about the whole thing and start looking at alternate research.

I’ve been wrong thousands of time and it’s not always fun.

I don’t think I’m right about all my assumptions but I know I’m not listening to the puppet masters and instead pulling my own strings.

But for the love of our country, your neighbors, the future of your children, don’t you owe it to them and yourself to at least do what the bumpersticker on the back of you car says and “Open your mind like a parachutte ?”

A day is coming when all the truth is coming out.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of history do you?

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