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The Desire To Make Schools Better

The Desire To Make Things Better.

We’re enhancing the programing on our "Get Real With Rick Dancer" podcasts to get back to storytelling.

Oh, we’re still gonna hit issue head-on and call out the ridiculous but we’re seeing a change in people and that desire to make things better in the world is intoxicating. Add in people are done putting up with the BS and you’ve got one heck of a story to tell.

Last night we had a former teacher from Oregon on who talked about what’s going on in the schools and how people are quietly finding alternatives to public schools. She is passionate about calling out reasons Oregon spends millions on education and dumbs down graduation requirements rather than standing firm and doing what’s best for kids. She gave up a nearly six figure a year job plus benefits to fight from the outside. Now that’s a powerful story.

It can feel like the world is coming apart at the seems but in that destruction can come creativity and a passion to make change that is unstoppable. As an interviewer and storyteller, these are the moments you long for.

We love to hear the stories of others because inside each one of us is a desire to make a difference in our homes, communities, schools and the world.

We get lazy as comfort sucks us in and sometimes need a kick in the pants to get us back in the game.

The past two years and all the crazy crap going on in the world is that kick and many are taking in very seriously but with a fighting smile.

Wednesday Betsy Johnson will join us, now there’s a story. Oregon Senator dumps her party to run as a non-affiliated candidate for governor. Her guts inspire people and her willingness to tell it like she see’s it makes us smile.

On Thursday another Oregon family sells everything and the whole clan buys a wedding venue near Helena, moves here, to start a new life.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes it’s hard work, scary and costly, but that’s living.

Stories are not meant to be copied or followed they are meant to inspire us to dig deep to find missing chapters or places we need to add some risk to make our adventure that much better.

So hold on we’re about to dive into some new territory. Life isn’t something you get through it’s something you live, so let’s get back to doing what we came here for…..whatever that is for you.

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