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The Artist Never Dies

The Artist Never Dies

A friend of mine took up art in 2020 after losing his job due to COVID.

He’s always been an art guy, I don’t know of an instrument Matt Haverly doesn’t play.

No, he even plays harps and other instruments not found often in someone’s back bedroom.

When he took up drawing I knew he’d be good but had no idea he’d be as good as he is.

That ability to see things the rest of us don’t see comes from his Father, Lonn Haverly.

Many of you know Lonn and his work.

He probably did a drawing of you or one of his kids.

I met Lonn in the news business.

Lonn was THE court sketch artist for everyone, for decades in Lane County.

Lonn recently passed away and Matt is living overseas.

It’s a lot to lose a father and be too far to come home for his memorial.

I’m hoping to get Matt on a show soon to talk about his art, his life and his music.

The other day he sent me another sketch he’d done from a picture of me.

I showed it to my wife and she had to look twice because she thought it was a photo.

God has a way of giving vision when we most need it.

He puts in our DNA abilities only he gets credit for and we get to enjoy if we use them properly.

Matt, thank you for just being who you are.

Thanks for letting God’s light shine out of something as simple as a pencil.

Your dad passed away but the artist never dies.

His life lives on in you.

Your fathers gave you the ability to see the details others pass over.

He gave you notes in your head that are meant to fill the air with the sound of joy.

Don’t worry about the “Stuff” just go be you.

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