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Supreme Decision Uproar

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Hard to Understand

The recent Supreme Court rulings are sure creating some easy talking points for the cultural narrators.

At the risk of being slurred, which is already being done to me, I pose a few questions.

If members of the Proud Boys came to you and wanted you to build a website for them should you have the right to turn down the business?

I think so. It’s an ideology you don’t agree with and you should have the right to say no. The same is true of the LGBTQ community. There are people out there who don’t agree with your stance and don’t want to work with you.

I have people who don’t believe in what I do and they have a choice as to whether they work with me.

Why don’t they like me? They don’t agree with my stance….that’s fair.

Personally I think people should do business with groups they don’t understand or positions they don’t like because it makes you grow.

When I was a news anchor I covered plenty of stories and had to tell all sides, yep even those I didn’t like.

My other question would be, for me, if a website developer doesn’t want to work with me why the Hell would I want to work with them? I do business with people who support and understand me not those who don’t want to. It makes no sense to me.

If you take out a student loan shouldn’t you have to pay it back? You signed the paperwork, you got the loan, you went to school, and now for some reason society should have to pay that for you?

Remember, society includes poor people, the middle class and the electrician down the street who paid to go to school and Uncle Joe never came to his or her rescue but for some reason, we should come to yours?

And last question.

Why don’t you think it’s not racist to give certain races preference over other races when it comes to getting into college?

You can’t use the white privileged arguments because you are doing the same affirmative action to Asians.

I have a business and if a group that thought forcing people to do something they didn’t want to do wanted to be on my show I want the right to say know without them dragging me to court.

And when we make an agreement and take out a loan I think we should live up to that agreement by paying it back not allowing ALL taxpayers to do it for me.

It seems America is waking to the madness and I for one am glad.

The narrative producers will try to call it hate but it’s not.

The only thing hateful about all of this is what you do to try to silence people who disagree with you.

The court has ruled and you lost.

What if we spent more time trying to beef up our public education system so people actually qualify based on merit not the color of their skin?

Perhaps universities need to stop charging so damn much for an education and maybe if we stopped pitting people against each other we’d discover we can learn a lot by working with those we disagree with out of choice not some guilt ridden narrative of force, force never works.

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