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Strait Respect

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Strait Respect

Let’s face it the world is not exactly an admirable place to be living in right now, not like we have a big choice.

But we can choose how we react and live in the muck and mire created by a society gone mad.

If you spend much time online, respect is greatly lacking.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons Kathy and I had so much fun at the George Strait concert the other night.

When Strait arrived on stage, the audience went nuts.

Sure, there were lots of people my age and older, but I’m not talking about us.

There is/was a whole generation of 20, 30 and 40 somethings that stopped talking, quick moving around and paid complete attention as they hung on every word coming from the stage.

Those younger folks know every word to every song and treated Strait like the Elvis of country music, because he is.

Strait has a lot of older band members and when he introduced them the audience treated them like the “rockstars” they truly are.

It was refreshing to experience.

I think much of it is Strait himself.

He’s an honorable dude who writes, lives and sings about real life.

Real life….remember that?

I think that’s why I like country music so much. (I didn’t always). It tells the stories of real lives, problems, ups, downs and starting over…..again.

I see so little respect in the world sometimes I just want to hide my head and cry.

In the world we live in I can’t do that but when it comes to country music I’m allowed.

Today we pack up and head to another country concert this time in Idaho and my favorite artist right now, Aaron Lewis. He’s a former punk/hard rock performer turned country and his songs are edgy, pro-America and hardcore real life.

Some of you would be offended by his songs…..good.

I’ve been away from work for going on two weeks and not spending as much time online and I like it.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and be the Rick Dancer I used to be that didn’t make people mad, who focused on stories about people and life and we will. But I didn’t expect the world to go numb over a virus. I didn’t know how stupid and limp we could turn as we follow a leader who is driving America into a pit of muck. I never dreamed we’d allow an ideology and it’s perpetrators to divide us purposely as we have and to be silent or less vocal would make me as culpable as those who make up excuses for “the man” and his policies and blindly follow the “leader.”

This week on our live shows we are airing three (Tuesday, Wed, Thurs) “People Interviews” that will inspire you but have nothing to do with the current affairs of the world. It’s the old me doing what I do best. Perhaps one day soon we will be forced to open our eyes, call out the bullshit, and get back to the life of doing what’s right…yeh, what’s right.

God help us find our way.

Actually, let me amend that phrase.

God help us seek…..Your Way.

We’ve tried finding our way and that’s not working out so good maybe we’re almost ready to look back to you for help.

Our shows are 5pm PT starting tonight. FB Get Real With Rick Dancer IG Linkedin, Youtube @rickdancertv or here on the website.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
09 พ.ค. 2566

Come on, man. Covid is real and the vaccines and masks saved countless lives. Science is based on facts. Get your head out of "alternative facts" right-wing media. Stop spewing nonsense.


Mr. Gilbert: Agreed, COVID is real. The science of it, however, is a moving target. Long ago I hopped on the internet to answer my questions and only looked at the science and not the politics. The CDC, WHO and Anthony Fauci were in constant flux as to all the aspects of COVID, its origin's, infection rate, prevention methods and cure. They still are in flux, constantly contradicting their last statements, and I do not believe that is good, factual science.

I had a stent placed in my heart in the beginning of COVID and the heart Dr. told me not to get the shot as there were clotting issues associated with the shot and if it clotted my blood…


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
09 พ.ค. 2566

If you make people mad, it’s because they are being convicted.

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
10 พ.ค. 2566


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