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Stop Worrying, No Excuses

What Are You So Worried About?

How many times in a day do you hear yourself, or others say: “I’m worried they won’t do this, or I’m worried this might happen?”

To worry is culturally acceptable but as followers of God we are told not to be anxious.

So, worry is actually sinning.

Sin is a misunderstood word. I think the church has done that with all its talk of fire and brimstone. The definition of sin simply means “Miss The Mark.”

Back to the worry. When we worry about something what we are saying is we don’t trust God.

We are told not to be concerned with what we wear, own, eat and so on and yet you and I slip into worry as if it’s a comfy blanket we wrap ourselves in as we lounge on the sofa watching a movie.

Worry robs us of our peace. Worry takes our minds off the things of God and locks us in the clutches of the evil inclination.

Has worrying ever made things better or does it simply put more lines on our face and take away the number of days we spend on this earth?

Some of my worry comes from not facing up to the things in my own life that i’d like to change.

Instead of looking away from the poison in my life I need to spend more time looking that poised straight in the eye with no fear.

Maybe I need to learn to linger longer.

Take time to analyze my propensity to worry and quit making up excusing for missing the mark.

God tells us fretting brings on more evil.

In times like these we don’t need anymore of that do we?

Hunker down my friends.

Don’t shy away from facing the times when you miss the mark.

Ask yourself: “Is God going to take care of my true needs?”

Don’t worry He’s got this.

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