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Sometimes You Have To Leave

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Sometimes You Have To Leave

At a concert the other night Arron Lewis said something that struck me. He was talking about his failures in life, you know, the moments he was asked to walk through fire.

He said every time he’s had to walk through fire he came out better on the other side.

This move to Montana is one of our many “fires.”

I saw a guy with a message on his shirt that simply said “Trust Jesus.”

The older I get the more I realize my “Trust” issues.

A year ago the end of this month is when Kathy and I moved into our new home in Townsend, Montana.

Oregon had/has become to restrictive for the two of us.

We didn’t realize, until we left, just how restrictive.

I wish God would take His playbook for our lives and let us read it cover to cover so we would know how this whole thing plays out.

But we are writing that playbook together.

Lewis also said something that struck me at his concert.

He said “Folks, we are living revelations.”

For those of you who don’t know what that means I don’t have time in this short blog to explain it but I do think Lewis may be right.

God has a plan and I must daily remind myself of that fact.

When I say “Sometimes you have to leave” it doesn’t mean a place necessarily.

Perhaps it’s an attitude, and expectation or resentment that holds us back.

I read where seven million American men between the ages of 25 and 54 are not working. According to the stats a handful can’t work but a good portion are choosing not to work and instead live on disability or handouts from the government.

Seven, Million men.

And there are 10 million open jobs.

I feel like God is giving us an opportunity to reestablish a more sustainable nation but will we take that opportunity or settle for government intervention/control?

It’s hard to know. One can’t tell whether the country is leaning one way or the other because media censorship shapes the narrative and makes it so blurry one can’t even tell up from down.

But at that concert the other night I saw thousands of likeminded people. Not right leaning people politically, but folks who lean to what is right.

Maybe that’s something we need to get straight or perhaps a term we need to take back from the progressives. I could give two sh-ts about the right, but I do care about what is right.

People can twist and manipulate good and evil and perhaps convince some there is no difference, but there are a bunch of people out here unwilling to bow to cultural craziness.

As Lewis said to that audience it’s time to take a stand, not for a person or candidate but for what’s right.

Problem is you have to still be able to see the difference.

In order to do that what do you need to leave…..behind.

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Went camping for four days and left behind the technology and the world's problems. I noticed that the moment we came back, the world began to invade and the stress of the world tried to sweep away the peace and tranquility we had been experiencing. I don't like the constant barrage of the worlds issues and how it insidiously invades our lives from all directions. I need to work on finding a way to keep that out of my life and leave the issues and people I cannot not change behind. - M.

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