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Something You May Not Know About Me

Something You May Not Have Known About Me.

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So some jerk came on my page to tell me I had no ability to think because sometimes my grammar and spelling are messed up.

A long time ago that would have crippled me.

That comment would have stopped me from writing another word.

The teachers used to call it a learning disability.

I called it a muzzle.

I’ve always had trouble in this area but learned from one of my kids elementary school teachers to write anyway.

I’m not bragging but am proud of the 15 years in a row that I won Best News Writing Awards from the Associated Press in Oregon.

In the news business they could NOT see my punctuation and grammar issues they heard the sound of the words I wrote not the way I wrote them.

When I edit other people’s writing I have fewer problems for me it’s getting things from the head to the finger that becomes challenging.

So I stopped worrying about what others thought.

I put the grammar police at bay and started writing despite their fear.

It’s not my grammar that bothers them it’s the fact that I write what’s on my mind and more importantly what’s deep, deep in my heart.

That depth scares the Hell out of them because while they can get the structure all perfect they have no ability to cut through their judgement and into their soul. They have no ability to reach into your heart and tell you something you may not have known before.

So for those of you who think you can’t write because it’s not perfect, screw that noise.

Let your thoughts, ideas and feelings jump from your brain to your heart and onto a computer screen with no fear.

It is not you who has a problem.

It is a world filled with insecure, back biting individuals who seek to silence you.

To Hell with them.

Write on baby.

Write on.

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