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So Tired Of Abusers

The Abuse Of Power

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I had this weird dream last night that the president passed away and our vice-president was now president. Okay, technically that would be a nightmare but you know what I mean.

It’s hard to look at the headlines and see the abuse of power in our lives and be okay with it. And yet, there are quite a few people who seem to be alright as long as their team wins.

I don’t see abusing power as anyone winning anything.

Bill Lundun’s newscast attached to this blog, is distressing. I think we the people have allowed our leaders to get away with so much for so long they aren’t even afraid of the rule of law.

We must adhere to them but somehow the powerful are immune and play by different rules?

Hell No.

I do think we are waking up. Not the right or left, America. We see what passes for equity and inclusion and realize it’s anything but. It’s as if we as a culture must exclude and make unequal, someone….I’m done playing the language game.

I think what we want is straight talk. Not just straight people talking I mean real conversation.

The only reason our leaders abuse power is because we allow them to.

We can stop it but can’t exclude difficult groups….right, left, middle, gay and so on….or we will be guilty of doing the same thing.

Can we stop with all the tip-toeing? Please.

Watch Bill’s newscast and you will discover how much we’ve let go of.

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