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Pins & Needles

Pins & Needles

Think back to that first day of summer when after nine months you finally take off your shoes and socks and walk in bare feet.

When you walk over a slightly sharp object you wince in pain.

You think back to last summer when your feet were tougher and a tiny sharp object was nothing.

Our culture seems to be walking on pins and needles. We’ve become over-sensitive and take everything as a personal affront to our belief system.

I post things that happen in my life and comment on how I interpret the world. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live or how they should see what’s going on around them but I sure as hell am going to offer what I see. This is what I do.

Yet lately some of you have begun to take this personally and rather than discuss how you see it you call names or make me the topic of conversation rather than the issues I bring up.

I think, as a culture we need to toughen up. “The Dark Period” of the past two years has made us weak. Perhaps we’re frustrated, I was, with the heavy hand of government and how we allowed it to push us around?

Maybe the muzzle placed on us by culture and big tech is starting to get to us but we know there is little we can do to change them (right now) so we lash out at those around us?

I think many are angry and have no idea how to deal with it. We are tired of paying so much to live, people can’t afford to buy a home, there’s a sense of being stuck and you know what trapped animals do? They react out of fear.

We are not stuck. We can take back control of this mess and our own lives but we’ve slept in apathy trusting government to do the right thing, for a long, long time.

It’s okay to feel let down but you and I are not the enemy. Divide is what they want and I will not give in to their techniques. We won’t always or ever agree on everything, we’re not supposed to. That too is one of the lies of “The Dark Period”. This country is founded on disagreements but what MADE us different is we worked through them. We found common ground and our love for freedom and this country was a bond.

The president declared the pandemic is over. I know his people back peddled on it but it’s time to move on people. It’s time to find that thing or those things that bring us together, not focus on what rips us apart.

So, pretend Summer is just starting. Don’t take off your shoes and go running over a gravel driveway. Instead start slowly. And when you find something sharp that makes you grimace remind yourself this is the process of toughening back up. Don’t take it personally it’s not about you or me.

Oh, and also remind yourself that we’re all working through how we come back from “The Dark Period” and none of us will do it the same way, we will make mistakes and we each need a wide berth and a large dose of grace.

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Oct 10, 2022

I have felt freed in the past 2 years as opposed to burden under the former guy. He knew the risks of the pandemic but for his own political ends ignored it , then got the vaccine and then down played vaccines. For many of us his presidency was the dark times. I have a love for America and freedom. and for Christian love for my fellow man and woman and a shared responsibility to help them.


Good thoughts. I believe the answer to your observations lie in how soft and self absorbed we have become. Can you image this society facing what the Greatest Generation did? Foundations crumble when not cared for and we have not cared for ours. - M

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