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Our Scars Tell Our Story

My Scars Tell My Story

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The last time I went to the doctor I had to disrobe for a procedure. He looked at my body and said: “What’s that scar there, you had some sort of surgery?”

We all have visible and invisible scars on our body and to our minds, footprints of sorts that tell a story about the things we have gone through, things that hurt us, things we don’t forget.

Visible scars become like war stories.

We get to talk about the time our Gallbladder nearly exploded or the adventure on a mountain bike that lead to a broken wrist.

We aren’t as likely to tell the stories of our mental scars.

People don’t see them as easily.

We can often times hide what we don’t want discovered.

But as we age, hiding those invisible scars takes more work than it’s worth.

Or perhaps we become more used to them and don’t feel like hiding them any longer.

I was talking with someone on a live broadcast last night and she brought up research that tells the story of a loneliness epidemic in this country.

People are disconnected, some fearful and many lonely.

I believe this is scar left behind by the reaction to the pandemic.

With many scars, the scab is long gone.

But with loneliness I wonder that the wound is still too fresh to blend in.

What we’ve learned from all of this is we need community, connection and face to face time with people…not FaceTime with people.

A well known therapist recently said when asked about the mental health of America, that we have become too focused on our own pain, needs and desires. His advice is to start thinking about those around us. Go visit a friend, have coffee with someone, do something for someone else and perhaps that wound will turn into a scar we can talk about.

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