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Nobody Cares Get Back Up

Nobody Cares Get Back Up

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It is easy to look at the world and find nothing but despair.

It reminds me of a giant sink hole with millions of people blindfolded jumping into the abyss.

We don’t have the luxury of despair.

We have no time to give up because something much more important than us is underway.

We are in a battle of the spiritual kind.

It’s a war of good and evil.

Blurred lines make it hard to see the horizon but we are not privy to the next move or the bigger picture so get off the sofa, pick your head up off the table and stay in the game.

There are moments when I workout, whether cross-country skiing, running or taking a high intensity training class at my gym, when I want to quit.

The slope looks to steep.

My feet don’t want to trudge through snow.

I don’t want to do another burpee.

These are the moments we have to say to ourselves, one more time.

We must look beyond the frustration, the pain, the willingness to give up, and think about what it will feel like to beat that lazy thought.

Our world is at war.

Some of the conflict is obvious and viewable.

But, like an iceberg, much of the battle is invisible to us but never-the-less quite real.

Personally, the best way for me to stay engaged is to ignore the word games, the naysayers and the nasty and push ahead.

Think of truth as the end of a race.

You will find half-truths if you quit early.

If you listen to the sidelines you will get side-tracked.

Remember, they’re not in the same race.

They want you to fail.

Too many of us settle for second place when first doesn’t mean we get there faster we just have to finish the race.

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