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New Perspective, Never Stagnant

New Perspective, Never Stagnant.

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People are not created to be stagnant and yet the temptation for comfort and ease is so great.

The last two weeks Kathy and I have been back in Oregon doing some work and taking some time off.

When I take more time to think about my life I find comfort like a numbing agent designed to keep me happy but never satisfied.

I sit here preparing to leave Oregon today and head back to our home in Montana and think about all we’ve experienced and all that I would like to change moving forward.

It’s almost like there are some things I’m going to work really hard at leaving here.

I’d tell you what they are but at this point I don’t really know.

It takes time to shed old skin for new.

Change is not something you push it’s something you allow to simmer.

My parents bought this beach home in Pacific City when I was 10 years old. I still remember they let us skip school to come look at it. My parents were teachers so skipping school was a big deal.

Lots happened at this house. I remember good moments and some of my worst. Kathy and I got pregnant (TMI) with our first son Jake at this house. But I also remember my dad telling me he was leaving my mom for another woman in the sand right outside this cabin.

The ocean is like a drug for me. There is something about the strength of it, the shear power, that is both calming and unnerving at the same time. Maybe it’s the fact that against the ocean we are powerless, humbled and silenced into submission.

I leave here refreshed with a sense and openness for something deeper, more thought provoking and more real in my life.

Like a snake sheds its skin to grow, perhaps it’s time to leave the old behind in preparation for something bigger, something more invigorating, something scary but good.

Until the next time Oregon.

We will always love you but sometimes you must leave the things you love as you search for the unknown.

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