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Maybe I'm Not Your Guy!

You Thought I was Your Guy But I’m Not

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I heard a podcaster say “If you want life to be an adventure tell the truth.”

Man, that hit me hard.

For decades I worked in frustration at a television newsroom in Eugene, Oregon.

I love news, love telling stories, love meeting people.

So in 2008 when I decided I’d had enough people asked why.

Then I announced I was running for Secretary of State as a Republican and the fangs came out.

Fast forward 13 years and there’s a pandemic.

I do my research and realize something isn’t adding up.

I take a stand and begin to tell the truth, the daggers come out.

I never understood how people could be so fickle and so angry at the same time….until yesterday.

On that podcast the guest said when she started to speak out about crazy shit going on she had to realize “You thought I was your guy but I’m not” and that is why people acted with such bitterness and anger.”

For years some of you watched me on the news and thought “Rick’s our guys, he thinks like us.”

At the time, maybe that was true or maybe you were seeing the Rick you wanted to see.

Maybe I changed or perhaps I just got brave enough to say “no more, I’m telling the truth about what I think.”

I foolishly thought I was your guy and you’d give me the grace to disagree. Wow was I wrong.

To you, this was a war, a let down, and the only way to react was to put me down, grind me and leave me hanging.

Someone came on my page last night and, because our views different, started playing the “label game.”

You know what that is don’t you?

That’s when someone is not intelligent enough, or has not done their homework, so rather than having anything intelligent to say they call names.

I called her out and left it.

I don’t  have time to argue with people who fall in line and regurgitate the latest rhetoric from people they think they admire. I only get so many breaths in this life and refuse to waste another one on people who disagree but can only resort to name calling because to go deeper would expose their ignorance. God gives us so many heartbeats and mine are reserved for people who know I’m their guy, not because we disagree or agree but because we truly believe we both have the right to our opinion.

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4 comentarios

I have read similar posts from you Rick. What is new is the picture at the top. Is this you? Is this you as an AI generation? Maybe a few years younger?

Me gusta

Rick I appreciate you sharing your  ideas, stories and speaking truth. Throughout my life I have had friends who have disagreed on a number of topics,  politics,  religion etc. On topics that our view points differed, it was always left at "we agree to disagree" because we were friends and enjoyed  each others company.  What I have observed over the past several years is a change, now it seems people are saying we can only be friends if you believe what I believe. My view point is if we all believed the same way we would never have new ideas, technologies etc. because we limit ourselves.  Some examples that come to mind: Ford who challenged the status quo and fought against…

Me gusta

Learned that lesson in the no quarter political arena. Ran for County Commissioner as an unaffiliated candidate and found out I was not conservative enough for the Conservatives and not liberal enough for the Liberals. I got waxed. Oh, I got pats on the back and glowing news writeups for spending countless hours doing battle in Salem regarding rural Oregon issues as a City Councilman or county committee volunteer. But when it came time to get real and put me in as a full time official, it was,"here's your hat what's your hurry". I figure God was saying no to full time political service and I turned my attentions elsewhere. Walked away and haven't looked back. - M

Me gusta
Contestando a

Sad. You would have done well for them.

Me gusta
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