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Limited Vision Is Not Always Bad

What Would Happen Without Fog?

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See the picture I took of our house with the fog bank behind it?

That’s what I ran in yesterday.

As I was running my mind wandered to life and how we rarely see clearly all that is about to happen.

What’s nice about not seeing everything is you don’t know how far you have to go.

One of the things about running the ponds near my home is you come around this one corner and see just how far it is to the next mile marker.

From that corner it looks so far sometimes you just want to turn around.

I believe that is why God sometimes clouds our vision.

He knows we have a ways to go but if we saw just how far we might get defeated and turn around.

I was listening to a podcast with a scientists who studies baboons.

He was talking about how lazy these primates become if everything is going well.

Humans are like that too.

We want adventure for the kick but get comfortable and comfort can kill the desire for adventure.

I look at the United States and wonder that comfort is not a big part of our problem.

Compared to most of the world, western culture has more than it needs.

We are like lazy baboons sitting around with nothing to do so we find fights to pick and fellow humans to trample.

The pandemic taught us something or it taught me something, the world is out to trample adventure.

Adventure and the desire to push is what keeps us alive.

Culture seems to hate when someone else is doing better, enjoying life more, taking risks.

To hell with culture live life the way you feel you need to do it because you only get one shot at this.

I hope you day, your week and your life is filled with adventure.

I pray you not recoil from the unknown and when you fail to see clearly remind yourself perhaps you are not meant to see it right now.

But the corner will come.

The halfway mark will arrive.

The path is the same one you see clearly on a nice day.

Don’t let the fog deter you.

Oh, on my run I also ran into a porcupine and shot this video of him.

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