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Lack Of Accountability Has Us Stuck

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Need To Clear The Air

I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about RFK and his desire to not sweep the COVID lies under the carpet but instead make those who lied, cheated and stole from us, stand accountable for their actions.

Until now, I hadn’t realized how much many of us need that.

The COVID reaction was a monumental mistake and caused the death of so many people, the end of so many careers and businesses and for many of us, trusting big government, pharma and some of you, will be tough.

Forgiveness is something we can do.

But that doesn’t mean accountability and consequences for the horrific actions of public health officials, hospitals, governments and others, isn’t needed.

To move on, you have to admit you were wrong.

We got trapped in the stupidity for three years and most of us want it to be over.

But it can’t be over until reparations are made and those who called the shots are called on the carpet for their lies.

As the podcast hosts were talking I felt myself first getting angry and then this feeling came over me like oh, my gosh, this is what has to happen in order for the world to move forward.

We know some of you will have to be dragged kicking and screaming. We know how hard it is to look at what you did, how you treated your neighbors, friends and folks who wanted to come into your businesses.

Fear is a cheap and easy motivator and our leaders did an amazing job of screwing us over and utilizing fear to create a weapon so powerful it nearly destroyed us.

Some will still talk about the deaths and yes there were deaths, but it’s time those at the top who need to come clean about their role in those endings.

I don’t know when this will happen or how but I do know God requires accountability and He will get it one way or another.

As I see a growing trend towards questioning again, I’m excited that people are being reminded how important freedom is….

So now, it’s your turn.

We’re waiting.

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