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It's Your Body, Act Like It!

It’s Your Body, Act Like It

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One thing I think many of us recognized during the pandemic was the flaws in our medical system.

I heard a report the other day talking about how many doctors get money from big pharma and most of our politicians are sucking off the teat of the pharma industry.

The more you research it the more you see these folks are not out for our good but lining their pockets with cash at our expense.

The whole, raw foods movement is a live and well.

Next week we’ll release a podcast on raw milk that will open your eyes to what’s happening.

Here’s something to ponder: Why ,during the pandemic, did the government not try to get us healthier when science shows that would help more than locking us down and vaxxing us up?

They don’t want us healthy, they want submissive.

Our nation is fat.

We are eating foods that aren’t really food.

Our body is smart and doesn’t recognize them as food and the big food processing companies know that, they have researches and lobbies to make sure of it.

If you are someone who just can’t seem to lose those extra pounds and need help, let me know.

We can fight this.

One other little tidbit, did you know there are chemicals and crap allowed in our food that is not allowed in the food of any other country in the world?


Lobbyists, big companies, politicians taking bribes and so on.

The number of people getting any kind of vaccine since the pandemic dropped dramatically.

I’ll be writing more about this in the near future.

If you need some health coaching get in touch with me at

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