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It's Gonna Take More Than A Shot

Get Serious About Getting Healthy

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The best thing we can do for our health is stop listening to the government and start listening to that still small voice in our head that says MOVE.

America is in poor health. We eat crap, we shovel processed foods down our throats and we fail to eat enough real food.

As the threats of COVID lockdowns loom and the government begins to push a vaccine, you and I can do something that matters more, choose to be healthy.

Co-morbidities, especially obesity, is one of the biggest threats that make you more susceptible to dying from a disease like COVID.

Yet, I don’t hear a peep about that from the Bribe-em administration or the CDC.

In addition to eating we need to be exercising. For some it’s taking a walk around the block for others it’s joining a gym. For me it’s mixing it up and trying new things to keep my workouts interesting. (video)

What makes me sad is big pharma with the help of our government is perpetuating the lie that a pill, a vaccine or a mask will make things better.

The better solution, to not just protecting ourselves from COVID but also other leading killers like heart and lung disease and diabetes, is a healthier lifestyles.

One has to ask themselves why is the government leaning on a shot rather than giving us the power through a healthy living campaign, to better our lives?

Someone’s making money right?

It’s always about the money.

Stop making excuses and change things. Shake it up. Move around.

Not only will you be more powerful against disease but you will feel better and have less to fear.

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Aug 29, 2023

I agree we should get healthy by eating better and exercising. Some of our overweight politicians need to practice this also.

The government DOES ask us to exercise and eat healthy. Have you missed this message the past 3 decades? And healthy bodies can get infected also. Some healthy people died from RSV, Covid and other diseases. And some co-morbidities are genetic or caused by accidents and can't be done away with by healthy life style.

Do you believe a healthy body fully protects against polio, measles, RSV, cancer? You admitted once you got COVID.

BTW, I think it is a childish act to continue to write "Bribe-em" when even the GOP in congress has found no evidence.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Sep 03, 2023
Replying to


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 29, 2023

Oh please. If the government deems it necessary to RECOMMEND a vaccination for a new Covid variant, I'll be first in line. Vaccines save our asses. Think of the Covid vaccination the same as a vaccination for measles, polio, chickenpox, etc. We will most likely need an annual vaccination for Covid as well. You Republicans are overthinking this...


Rick, do ya remember the food pyramid from our childhood? Lot of good info still there. Garden, buy local produced veggies, meats, dairy and know your producers. Turn off the tube and get outside and be active. Get a good night's sleep........"early to bed, early to rise". Find natural alternatives to pills. Read and learn new skills to exercise the mind. God created it for us, so enjoy life! - M

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