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Is Your Mind In It?

Is Your Mind In It?

The world is like a giant washing machine. If you aren’t careful you end up soaked, then on the spin cycle and finally wrung out.

I’m tired of living that way.

I recently listened to Jordan Peterson’s newest podcast #381 with Dr Ellen Langer an expert who has studied the field for decades.

In one study they found that older men who lived as if they were twenty years younger than they were saw huge improvement in diabetes, heart issues and they even looked younger.

Kathy and I are putting this idea into practice and it really works.

When problems arise, and they will slap you in the face, how you respond is so important.

Do I get overwhelmed? Sometimes I do.

But of late I’ve been trying to look beyond the problem, figure out, calmly how to fix it, and then leave it up to God.

Yesterday my schedule started to fall apart.

But by the end of the day, I’d shot one story and found one to replace the one I lost.

All is well.

When you respond to the good and let the bad have a backseat there’s a peace that falls over you that I find intoxicating.

I can’t explain it but it works.

God calls us to be non-worriers and yet we, in our culture, churches and whatever other groups we associate with, almost worship the idea of worry.

I highly recommend you listen to the podcast I told you about above.

I think it will change your life if your life is at a place where you are open to a little peace.

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