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I Was Set Up By God!

I Was Set Up By God

Last night I needed a travel video to round out my video podcast and found this old series I shot at KEZI in about 2005.

We traveled to the outback, to the far, far east of Oregon.

It is one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had and now I realize it was God setting me up.

I didn’t preview the whole video and forget there was the section above at the end. It’s my thoughts on the trip, the people I’d met and rural Oregon.

As I listened I started to choke up and tears flowed down my cheeks.

17 years ago God was giving me a preview of the life I am living today.

It was almost creepy.

I was talking about a life that was coming but would take nearly two decades to realize.

I’ve read of long term promises in the Bible but never thought that much about it.

As I heard the younger me, talking of what he had experienced and hoped he’d learned I had no idea I’d be sitting in a small rural farming community in Southwestern Montana living that life.

Who those folks were and what they were living I am becoming.

It’s just so weird and wonderful and so like God.

Two decades ago my creator gave me a glimpse into my future but left the blindfold on for all these years to surprise me.

I wonder how many times He has surprises for us, dreams to fulfill and experiences to shower us with, but we are too afraid, too complacent or too comfortable to realize them?

As i sit on my deck thinking about the past, living my present and gazing out at the future, even at 63 I wonder what is coming next.

I don’t want to be the guy looking for potholes I want to focus on the green pastures and endless possibilities.

Yes, I was set up by God.

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