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I"m Excited For Oregon

Will The Fog Finally Clear

I’m Excited & Nervous for Oregon

(Will The Fog Finally Clear)

Oregon has a shot at breaking up one of the biggest monopolies of all time.

You have a chance to undo the damage caused by years of redistricting aimed at creating the super majority the state suffers in right now.

The LA Times has a piece and acknowledges the fact that for the first time in decades Oregon could elect a non-affiliated governor or a Republican. That said, Oregon still finds safety in the “blue net” so it’s an uphill climb for any candidate who isn’t a D.

I think Oregonians saw what happened over the past two years and are angry.

Oh, not all of you, some think it was all handled well and believe it’s what had to be done.

But as facts and information comes out many realize this was over-kill and there was no one to stop it from happening. Oh, there were things that could have been done but a super majority gave control to one ideology and anyone who questioned it was canceled or fired. (they thought)

Crime is ridiculous is Oregon as well as others places in the country. Your governor is releasing killers and criminals from prison and wonders why crime is up.

The cost of living in Oregon is crazy. Try to find a home. you can’t. Our forest are burning up. September is not the most beautiful season in the west anymore our forest policies have made fall fires and carbon filled skies, a regular occurrence.

There are so many other things we could mention here but the point of my writing is that you have a chance to turn this around. Don’t let the controllers focus your attention on issues designed only to agitate and get you to vote their way.

Politicians understand the publics attention is short and they count on that to get you off factual focus and onto the minutia.

Balance is what you need in Oregon. You don’t need a super majority of either or any party. You need someone to lead the state who is willing to listen to all Oregonians not just the ones that agree with her.

November 7th is your chance to take back Oregon. Oh, don’t expect to do this without a fight. Those in control have manipulated things for decades to get to this powerful point of control and will not give up easily.

But remind yourself of who works for whom.

We left for many reasons and I know some of you think we gave up on Oregon.

We did not.

I’ve done this for 30 years.

I ran for public office and got a taste of how this works and what you are up against and can’t live like that anymore.

So you can discredit me if you want, it won’t stop me from speaking up.

I do care what happens and will be watching your election returns more closely than my own in Montana.

I hope and pray for a shake up in your state.

It would be great to see a new party or no party sitting in the governors seat.

Don’t let them distract you.

Stay focused on the goal and for god sake turn off the legacy media.

You got this Oregon.

Remember what it used to be like.

Remind yourself what is still possible.

You only get one life on this earth, wouldn’t it be a shame to live those moments controlled by should be’s and not in control of the could be’s.

Here’s to a more purple Oregon.

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1 Comment


I too left Oregon, but for Idaho, though I still have business interests in Oregon.

Like you, I find myself more interested in Oregon politics than my new state. I don't think I will ever move back but the roots run deep for those of us who remember what a gift it was to grow up there when Oregon was different.

BTW, nice video of Pacific City. I spent 10 years dory fishing there and way too many summers in the fog as your video shows.

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