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Hiding in Nashville

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Hiding From The World

Kathy and I are at a leadership conference, sponsored by Dave Ramsey, in Nashville, Tennessee.

As my phone lights up with headlines of boycotts and corporate and activist over-reach, I look around and see families, couples and folks from all over the world, I can’t help but ask myself “what would the headlines be for these folks?”

We are staying at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. There are basically four different sections to this hotel, all enclosed in atriums with water features, restaurants and depending on who you ask, over 2,000 rooms.

For a guy who lives in Montana it’s a little over the top, but not really, because everyone is so nice.

On the way here, the Uber driver gave us a glimpse of life in Tennessee. Accept for the number of people, it sounds a lot like Montana. People here just want to live free and like me, are tried of small groups of people setting the agenda and tone for America.

I wonder that many of us have become tone deaf to their cries? Oh, we believe in freedom…but freedom for all, not just those with the loudest message.

I read news stories, and I use that term lightly, of outbursts from folks taking out their frustrations on the trans community. That is not right and most of us do not align with such actions. But perhaps it’s time to focus on issues that impact the most people. Maybe we are frustrated by messages that target small groups of people and fail to look at the bigger picture. You know, things like the economy, the war in the Ukraine, the debt ceiling, energy, and getting people back to work in America.

We are so easily moved by feelings and molded by social issues we lose track of equally important issues. We allow our fear of being chastised by activists groups and lose focus, get off track and our nation suffers for the distractions. I’m not saying the social issues are unimportant but possibly, just could they be over inflated? I know, some of you will hate me for saying that but it’s time to get real and have this important conversation.

I’m not sure what Kathy and I will walk away with from this leadership conference but am excited to find our center. I’m tired of the left, right and manipulation of our cultural monitors and believe what our country needs is real leaders, not politicians, but people like you and me to say “no more” and this time mean it.

But we have to do more than say “no”. We have to find things to say yes to.

We all have a path to walk and yours is not mine and mine not yours. But we also need to back off and stop the judgement.

As I people watch here in this giant hotel, I’m looking at people and wondering “what matters to you?” I look at the news headlines and think….none of this.

So America, let’s find a new target. Let’s stop listening to the agenda setters and instead set a few goals of our own.

Today’s headline might read….”What’s your greatest concern and what do you plan to do to help make it better?”

Let’s look at what we’re for and stop allowing culture to force us to look at what we are against.

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