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Hey God, Do You Have My Back?

Hey God, Do You Really Have My Back?

Am I alone or do you also have nights you toss and turn wondering if God really has your back?

I don’t think it’s a trust thing. I think the creator and I are on pretty open terms.

If I think about it, which I don’t do often enough, I think this is probably a “being let down” thing.

We are in a new place, don’t know a lot of folks on this side of the continental divide (yet) so I don’t have a lot of face to face time with some of you to bounce my ideas off of.

We as humans are pretty selfish when things get tough that self-centeredness shows a bit more.

I’m reading a book “Leaving the Church to Follow Jesus” by an Oregon author. I left 20 years ago to find the real Jesus not the one on the flannel board or hanging on a cross statue with the sad face.

I wish I had less history with trust issues. I’m sure many of us do.

God is not like us. He see’s beyond the here and now. My vision is somewhat limited but doesn’t have to be.

I was talking with my barber yesterday about the possibility of a sixth sense. I wonder that what people call “Intuition” isn’t really a spiritual ability teasing us to see beyond what is touchable to something felt but not realized by the eye.

One thing the author of this book wrote that teases me is that even when we make poor decisions God backs us. It gets deeper than that but I haven’t digested it enough to elaborate here. I know how some of you are with wanting to figure things out right now but I’m not there just yet.

But that idea produces a twinge of excitement and caution. I didn’t grow up that way and culture today sure doesn’t have your back even when you mess up or choose wrong.

In fact it’s gotten worse. It seems we just wait for the shoe to fall so we can pour gas on the problem and silently cheer while the flames consume it.

Does God have my back? My sixth sense says yes. His word says for sure. Now if only the rest of me could settle this great mystery.

In Process as always.

Rick Dancer

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