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Understand Your Value: Look Behind The Rock

(I'm not posting things like this on my social media anymore. The trolls and angry people are just too much right now and will only become more fearful and nasty as the election nears and the eventual loss of their control is sealed by the public. If you'd like to read this sort of thing subscribe to my blog, no charge, and enjoy.)

I think we tend to undersell our value.

I was meeting a friend the other day and in that conversation realized what each one of us brings to life is super important.

But life, people, let downs and skinned knees often cause us to devalue who we are, what we do and the magic we bring to those we come into contact with.

For years I’ve seen Little Haystack Rock, near Pacific City, from the front.

I knew exactly what that rock looked like and never thought about the backside.

Recently I went fishing behind the rock and OMGosh, that rock is even bigger and more majestic from the back.

Our lives are like that.

We get so focused on what we see we need someone to come in and tell us the rest of the story.

The last two years opened a lot of people’s eyes.

When our government muzzles us, restricts us and gives culture permission to shame us for not following like sheep, our need to see “the backside” grows.

As Kathy and I sat there listening to this friend ask good questions, hard questions, thought provoking questions, we began to see we are underestimating what we do.

But I think you are too!

On our trip back to Oregon many of you came up to us to tell how you follow our journey and find great value in our courage and ability to get out, let out and do our lives despite what the critics say.

People want to trust someone.

People seek truth and right now it’s damn hard to find anyone willing to step outside the narrative of lies and manipulation.

We live in exciting times or scary times depending on how you approach it.

There’s a huge rock in front of us and we’ve stared at it for years.

But like the rock, our story is bigger, more magnificent and more important than we ever imagined.

Maybe the last two years of BS is what it took to wake us from our slumber and gets us to look beyond what we see or are shown.

Perhaps courage is born out of oppression and fear.

We have a chance to change how we see ourselves and in doing so change the craziness that seems to get weirder with each passing day.

We need to make the journey to the other side of the rock, and realize the power of our full potential.

Don’t expect an applause or cheering from those who see only what’s in front of them.

By looking at the decisions they’ve been making or following, depth is not something they specialize in.

This is about what we are doing, what we are going to do.

Apathy will destroy us.

Arguing over minutia is what they want.

We need to focus on the big stuff and stick to our message.

The world is not red or blue and waves come and go.

What we need is a strategy and the guts to follow through no matter what they throw at us.

It all starts by using our voice.

Understand your value as you look behind the rock.

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