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FaceBook is Up To It's Tricks Again

Would Love To Know What You Think!

So, as many of you know Facebook shutdown my live shows last week for 24 days for posting what it called “Sexually Explicit” material.

(Oh, just today I saw porn video's coming from somewhere in the far east on my feeds....real porn)

My "Bad" was the picture above of Hunter Biden in a speedo hanging from balloons.

You can’t even tell it’s Hunter.

So for 24 more days I was restricted from producing lives however we can still produce them on Youtube, Here, IG, Linkedin, Twitter and Spotify and then share them (not live) on Facebook.

I wake up at 7 this morning(Saturday), click on my computer and FB did it again.

Yep, this time for 59 days and the reason?

They say I posted the same picture again this morning at 4am.

I was not on my computer, not up, not anywhere near that picture and it wasn't on my feed....nowhere....nothing.

The last time they put me in jail they left it up to me to take down the original post.

And there is no record of anything being posted on my page at that time.

Plus why would I risk something like that anyway?

But there is no recourse, no hearing, no jury, no board, just a computer that messed up….or?

So for those of you who are followers here great, you will be alerted and everything should be fine.

If you know people who follows us on FB encourage them to subscribe here or on our Youtube Channel. preferably both.

And Thank you. There's more to the story but that's for another day.

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