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Don't Get Sidetracked By Fear

Fear Gets Us Sidetracked

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me I’m awake and not living in a nightmare.

  1. We’ve got a president who is obviously entangled financially with our country's enemies and yet people choose to ignore the facts.

  2. Our culture is more worried about personal pronouns than the current state of the economy.

  3. Our schools can’t seem to educate our kids about basics and graduates too many kids at just a sixth grade reading level while at the same time sticks up for “health education” that is basically grooming children.

  4. Despite information that says masks don’t work we still have people wearing them alone driving cars.

  5. Banks collapse and our government bails them out only to find out that many of our prominent politicians have connections to these financial institutions.

  6. Then we have the “C” word, Climate. A new religion that blames cow poop and Natural Gas for destroying the world. Promoters see only what they choose to see and fail to include humanity in their equation.

The list goes on and on.

Many will blame the other party for the problems.

Our president finds ways to blame the former administration, for everything.

What I’m learning is many in both parties are fed up but don’t know how to change it.

The far, far left is losing it’s audience but people are too afraid to push back because these folks have no morals and fight to the death.

Fear of taking hard steps and pointing out alternate facts is the real enemy.

I don’t believe this is a Republican or Democrat problem.

It’s our problem and if we as a people don’t stop making decisions based on how we feel and instead make decisions based on all the facts and a heavy dose of common sense, fear will destroy us.

We saw how fear was used during the pandemic.

It was shocking how easily “they” got us to lockdown, shutdown, mask up and take their drugs.

People lined up to obey and “do the right thing’”

But now we find out the “antidote” might have caused more problems than the actual virus.

Turns out it wasn’t an antidote at all.

Our natural immunity turns out to be the miracle drug.

We live in an amazing country and for those who disagree there’s the door. China, Russian, Mexico, I’m sure they will welcome you but THERE you will have to go through a process because unlike our current administration, other countries have immigration standards. They have borders that they honor not a wide open door and a litany of excuses.

Yep, fear and doing what feels good is the enemy.

And here’s the key, doing what is easy, has become the American Way.

And the road, as we’re seeing, is the path to destruction.

There’s time, we can turn this around but in order to do so stop listening to lies, speak up, dig a little and I’ll tell you it’s not gonna feel good.

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