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Don't Be Afraid of The Deep End!

Stay In The Deep End

The thing that helps no one, is a dead calm.

Oh, we think calm sounds so peaceful but movement only happens when there is a wind blowing or a storm.

The temptation is to stay tied up to a dock or close to shore when the winds pick up but that is not life is it?

“They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in the great waters; these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.” Pslams 107:23,24

When life’s storms approach sailors know the worst place to be is stuck in life’s harbor.

There, you are more vulnerable to crashing waves and broken vessels.

It is much better to be out in the deep where there is nothing to get caught up on or crushed against.

Also, a sailor prays for a strong wind. Without wind you go now where. Without wind or a storm we stand idle and still is not where any of us want to be and certainly not the designed plan of our loving Creator.

We know what still means don’t we? Our leaders dry-docked us, or tried to, during the recent lockdowns. When the storms hit, one after the other we experienced helplessness and many stayed tied up in the harbors of life.

Fear kept them from sailing in the open sea. Instead they paddled around in the harbor. The result: frustration, anger, fear, anxiety and now we see that showing up in shootings, riots, meanness and so on.

It is so tempting to return to shore when the winds of a storm pick up.

You watch the fearful turn back.

They taunt you to follow and smear you when you head back out to the turbulent waters

Life is meant to be lived not an existence.

Safety is not safe it is a lie to keep us from experiencing life in the unknown.

Misery loves company but today the miserable have made their bed and will do anything to get you to sleep in it too.

When the wind picks up don’t lower your sail, raise it high.

And as the others scream to follow them, remember who holds your life in His hand.

As you take hold of the rudder, steer clear of tempters and head in the direction of the only one who can save/direct you.

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