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Cast Your Net Deep And Wide

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In Search of Fine

A common response to the question “How are you today?” seems to be fine.

But are we really fine?

What if someone said to you when asked the question “I’m struggling and need someone to talk with?”

What if we took the time to listen, really listen to other people and gave them more than the time of day?

In my life I tend to run into a lot of people. I think it’s because I’m open to it. I figure my life is like a net. If I cast that net broad and wide I’ll catch a pretty interesting spectrum of people.

What I find in my life is I don’t have to try very hard I just need to be open to whatever God puts before me. I don’t need to search for my purpose, this life He gives me is my purpose.

There are a lot of lonely, hungry, disconnected people traveling this journey we call life. Imagine the impact you can have on them if you just stop and listen. Imagine the impact they will have on you?

That connection to people outside your “circle” whatever that is, is one of the few things I still like about social media.

But what if even in our daily interaction with people we took the time for relationship. I visited the dermatologist the other day and rather than the usual “wham-bam-thank-you-“ appointment, this guy took the time to really talk with me. Later, at a restaurant our server started talking with us about raw milk, podcasting, her life and she was interested in ours as well. She and I are going to connect so I can help her start a podcast.

My point is rather than go through life reacting to what life throws at you, what if you put out a net and see what you can catch? I know it’s much easier to isolate, turn on the tv or a video game, and zone out.

God didn’t create us to zone-out He created us to live, have an impact on others and in doing so creating a better world.

What are you waiting for? There’s a whole slew of people just waiting to be caught up in your life.

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2023

Great advice!

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