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Biden Stepped Over The Line

Biden Stepped Over A Line. Happy Easter

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Our president really stepped over a line and I’m glad he did.

He drew a line in the sand for many of us and then, didn’t step over it, but jumped into a swirling pot of crap.

Biden knew what he was doing when he announced Easter Sunday as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

I don’t care if people over 18 do as they wish and be who they think they want to be.

But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it just like I don’t expect them to agree with my choices in life….that’s America.

I don’t even care if there is a “Transgender Day of Visibility”, it’s not my business.

I don’t pay attention to any of those public relations campaigns.

But when a president and his small group of allies, decide to push that idea on the most holy of days for many in the Christian faith, all I can say is “shame on you.”

This is a president who claimed to want to bring unity to our nation.


How does that bring unity when he knows what that does to many?

It doesn’t.

People talk of how divisive Donald Trump was as president, open your eyes.

The guy who won’t build a wall to protect our borders is more than happy to build a wall between you and me.

As I’ve stated, I’m not a huge Easter Guy. I’ve never understood what a bunny and Jesus’ resurrection have to do with each other.

Easter is a pagan holiday that early Christians weaved into the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, to make Christianity more palatable to the mass’.

The message of Jesus isn’t palatable and was never intended to be popular.

His death is everything to me but God tells us not to mix his traditions with the traditions of man.

Easter clearly does just that.

So the whole Easter thing doesn’t offend me.

What bothers me most is that Biden, who talks of unifying the country, is a liar.

He’s purposely gone out of his way to connect something very controversial and questionable, to a holy day for a large group of folks.

What I believe Biden and his followers failed and still fail to see, is the line they crossed is one you can’t go back on.

He can’t lie his way out of this one with a story about his middle class dad or the death of his son.

He not only crossed a line, on the way over it he rubbed that line in the face of millions of people here and abroad.

I think it’s a good thing.

He has exposed his divisive nature, his hate for those who disagree with him and his misunderstanding of his power.

He and his staff are so out of touch they also fail to see how much our nation is hurting.

Their talking points are falling on deaf ears.

How this has gone on this long I will never understand but I believe Biden just sealed his end.

And he did it on the holist of holidays for God’s people.

Ironic isn’t it.

Happy Easter.

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Easter does not always fall on March 31st. In fact, the last time Easter fell on March 31 was in the year 2013, and before that, it happened in 2002. If we go further back in time, we find that Easter last landed on March 31 in 1991 and 1985. Trans Day of Visibility has always fallen on March 31st since 2009, whereas Easter Sunday has not fallen on March 31st since 2013. In any case, hate should have no place on this day.

Replying to

Randy, I appreciate you. The comments you make drive so many people to my site. They don't say anything but are baffled by your stance. You are educating many just by saying the things you say. I think people need to know that people such as yourself actually believe as you do. You have the right but the rest of us need to understand the ignorance we are up against. Again, thank you for continuing to educate and amuse.


For me, when Trump retweeted a picture of president Biden tied up , that was crossing a line. Don’t you agree? I’m surprised you haven’t commented on that. To me, that is not very Christian.

Why did Trump choose Easter weekend to try and sell Bibles? Trump branded Bibles? To me , that is not very Christian.

And , Rick, if you are not a huge Easter guy (many pastors think it is the second most Holy day for Christians) why are you so offended? Confusing to many of us.

Are you telling us you didn’t have eggs and bunnies for your kids when they were little?


Biden is blinded by Satan and his heart is dead and filled with evil. - M

Replying to

LOL....I think you need to spend some time in prayer and the scriptures before you open your mouth any further......"get thee behind!" - M

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