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We Are Not Alone

It’s pretty amazing to watch what is going on in this country right now.

Yes, the dross is being burned to the surface but what the media and culture fails to talk about is the gold being refined underneath.

From the NBA to Bud Light, Target and Disney, regular folks like you and me are drawing lines in the sand and saying with our wallets and attention, no more.

On a recent “Get Real With Rick Dancer show” we talked with a 17 year old man who I interviewed during the pandemic. He did his research and refused to bend on his beliefs.

In this recent interview Darian Gorman speaks so much truth and wisdom, I encourage you to go take a look at or our Youtube channel You can also check out Spotify under Get Real with Rick Dancer Episode 467.

There are those who will say this is not a free speech issue but I think they are 100% incorrect.

The good news is the silent majority is no longer afraid and fed up enough to speak out.

We are not alone.

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