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America Needs A Vision Not More Di-Vision

America Needs A Vision.

On our podcast last night I hit a bump and then had a vision.

For decades I’ve walked a line, always leaving the door open in search of common ground.

But after years of biting my tongue and looking the other way, I’m done.

Someone who I respect but who’s politics lean more left than mine do these days said something like we all need to work to find some common ground.

I thought about it for a minute and said flatly “no, I’m done.”

It is my opinion that the Far Left Progressive Wing of the Democrat party is not interested in common ground.

Its only interest is to win and from what I’m witnessing the goal is to win at any cost.,,,,America Be Damned.

Listening to Jordan Peterson this morning he and his very educated guest made some amazing points but the main takeaway for me is that America Needs A Vision. (episode 341)

The progressive vision is no vision at all.

It’s Di-Vision.

Through their new religions of Wokeism, Climatism, Covidism and any other “ism” they can come up with they divide us.

Their hatred of Trump blinds them.

They belittle and name call the rest of us who just want to move on.

But we don’t have to go along with their folly.

What we need is standards and values.

We need people who want to work hard to rebuild our nation into something new but with purpose…..a country with a vision.

All of us are looking for a purpose but I want a real purpose not something that makes me feel good without having to do anything. Those are the “isms”, false gods designed to manipulate and exaggerate the mass’ to action.

I do not know what this vision is just yet but from my research experts who do not hail from the political or cultural worlds are working on this right now.

When I stop listening to the doom and gloom, death and destruction of the “isms” cults my hope is restored.

The Republicans have had no vision for the past 40 years, at least not one that resonates with anyone.

The Democrats vision is not really a vision but more control of a people who are endowed the rights by God to live as free people.

So you in or out?

The choice is yours.

We can keep bowing to the “ism” makers or buy into the tired old message of the GOP that excites no one…….or we can create a real vision that provides a solid foundation not one of sinking in quicksand.

Exciting times ahead.

Will we have the guts to push forward?

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